Our team collaborated with a budding electricity company to create a user-friendly software platform. Our aim was to simplify the energy experience for individuals, offering practical tools to manage their electricity usage.

User-Friendly Website for Easy Sign-Ups

We kicked off the project by developing a straightforward website. Its purpose? To make signing up as a customer a breeze, providing a central hub for users to handle their electricity-related tasks.

Feature-Packed Mobile App for Real-Time Insights

To enhance customer engagement, we designed a mobile app loaded with useful features. This app allows users to track their electricity usage in real-time, offering valuable insights into their consumption patterns.

Visualized Data for Informed Decision-Making

Our platform enables users to visualize their electricity consumption data through easy-to-understand charts and graphs. This visual representation empowers customers to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

Stay Informed About Electricity Prices

Recognizing the importance of transparency, we integrated a feature to keep users updated on current and future electricity prices. This empowers customers to optimize their energy consumption during periods of favorable pricing.

Convenient Electric Car Charging

For electric vehicle owners, we introduced a convenient smart charging feature. It simplifies the control of the charging process, optimizing it based on factors like electricity prices and grid demand.


Our collaboration with this growing electricity company marks a significant step in reshaping the energy landscape. By focusing on user-friendly design and practical functionalities, we’ve equipped customers with a powerful tool to manage their energy consumption. As we continue to explore innovative solutions, we remain dedicated to making a positive impact on how individuals interact with and control their energy resources.